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Tired of stubbing your toe in the dark as you fumble around for a light switch? Say goodbye to those painful encounters with our top-tier LED outlet covers. These ingenious creations seamlessly replace your existing outlet covers and can be effortlessly installed without any professional help. No more stumbling, just illumination at your fingertips.

1) Guide Light by SnapPower

Among the array of outlet plate covers available, the SnapPower Guide Light stands tall as a frontrunner. Distinguished by its integrated LED light and automatic night light functionality, this cover has garnered significant popularity. It emerges as the perfect solution for spaces like hallways, children's bedrooms, and bathrooms—anywhere that demands enhanced visibility.

Say goodbye to the hassle of batteries, bulbs, and wiring; enlisting an electrician is a thing of the past. This LED cover plate guarantees simplicity in installation. It's available in duplex or decor styles, ensuring it seamlessly complements your interior.

Installation couldn't be more straightforward. Remove your existing wall plate and effortlessly snap on the GuideLight. Ingeniously designed, the inner part of the plate features two arms that elegantly rest over the live contacts of the outlet when installed—no complicated procedures. Concealing the LED light discreetly in the bottom section of the plate cover, the illumination remains concealed from the front view.

guide light kitchen

Additionally, a light sensor, discreetly positioned in the bottom left corner of the front side, orchestrates the automatic On and Off feature. This ensures that the light adjusts its luminosity based on ambient light levels. As the ambient light decreases, the GuideLight becomes slightly stronger; in a completely dark room, it radiates at full brilliance.

Safety takes center stage with the GuideLight. Designed to meet the highest safety standards, it proudly carries ETL listing in both the US and Canada. Crafted from high-temperature and impact-resistant ABS plastic, this cover boasts the highest fire safety rating, granting you peace of mind along with its illumination.

2) Hello Light Plate Night Light

Unveiling an unassuming yet remarkable design, this light plate cover effortlessly blends with its surroundings, maintaining the appearance of a regular outlet plate cover. What sets it apart are the three distinct cutouts thoughtfully incorporated for the LED lights. Once illuminated, these three cutouts collaborate to cast three individual beams of light. Unlike the GuideLight's unified and even illumination, this alternative showcases separate beams.

Additionally, a sensor resides on the outer plate's lower left corner, orchestrating the light's on-and-off functions. However, this particular model appears to lack of dimming capability—a potential drawback.

The light emanating from this cover boasts a color temperature of approximately 4,000 Kelvins, resulting in a neutral white light ambiance. While it may not possess the GuideLight's seamless dimming feature, it still serves its purpose effectively.

Installation remains a breeze—simply position it over the outlet's live contacts during application. To cater to diverse preferences, the official site offers various plate styles, including decor, Duplex, and GFCI. Notably, the GFCI style is compatible solely with GFCI-type outlets—a crucial point to consider when making your selection.

3) BriteOwl

This particular outlet LED plate cover embodies individuality with its captivating industrial style, available in charming color options of cream and white. What truly distinguishes this innovation is its unique feature: a remarkable backup power function that shines even in the face of power outages.

From Decora to Duplex, the BriteOwl collection caters to diverse tastes. And the excitement doesn't end there—the company has exciting news on the horizon, with the impending arrival of GFCI plates, expanding your options for enhanced illumination.

Nestled unobtrusively in the bottom part of the plate, the LED lights merge seamlessly to emit a unified glow when activated. An adeptly placed sensor in the bottom left corner functions exclusively as a light sensor, providing optimal illumination without the option for dimming. Accompanying this is a power indicator, artfully cycling through the vibrant hues of red and green, a visual testament to its operational status.

However, the true hero of this plate cover is its backup power prowess. Housing a built-in battery that replenishes itself directly from the outlet, it stands resilient in the face of power disruptions. An impressive wide-angle lens takes the spotlight, casting luminosity over a generous expanse of 20 square feet. With 50 lumens of direct lighting, the BriteOwl doesn't just illuminate—it captivates.

4) Snap Power Motion Light

For those who seek subtle illumination along their pathways at night, the Snap Power Motion Light outlet plate cover presents an ingenious solution. Embracing both LED light and motion sensor technology, this innovation by Snap Power ensures that light accompanies your every step. Rather than a constant glow, this cover springs to life when it senses movement within a generous range of 30 feet.

The installation process maintains the user-friendly approach seen in the original GuideLight and other covers from our lineup.

Effortlessly snapping onto the outlet, this motion-sensor-equipped cover seamlessly integrates into your space. Positioned beneath the motion sensor lies a dedicated switch, empowering you with the choice between bright and dim illumination based on your preference.

The aesthetics of the plate exhibit a modern and uncluttered design, a testament to its clean lines and contemporary appeal. Offering a range of styles, including duplex, decor, and GFCI, you can tailor the cover to suit your aesthetic preferences. A crucial note: the GFCI style is compatible solely with GFCI outlets featuring test and reset buttons, ensuring seamless functionality.

Adding a splash of diversity to its offerings, the Snap Power Motion Light cover is available in a spectrum of colors: white, light almond, ivory, and black. This comprehensive array allows you to harmonize the plate with your surroundings seamlessly. With this cover, pathways are not only illuminated, but they become a testament to the marriage of technology and design.


Venturing beyond the realm of traditional outlet plates with built-in LED lights, the SOZULAMP outlet introduces an alternative approach—a complete outlet replacement. This option appeals to those seeking a comprehensive solution. Courtesy of Sozulamp, this outlet embraces a night light nestled between two sockets at the center, casting its glow downward, reminiscent of a floodlight's radiance.

Distinguishing itself further, the SOZULAMP outlet boasts automatic dusk-to-dawn sensors and a touch control sensor. This combination empowers users with the freedom to switch the LED light on or off as needed manually, providing tailored illumination at your fingertips.

Safety finds its place in this design as well. A built-in shutter on the plug ports effectively safeguards against the insertion of foreign objects, addressing concerns particularly relevant in households with children.

Ease of installation is a highlight, thanks to the inclusion of quick wire push-in and side wiring mechanisms. As a practical choice, the SOZULAMP outlet's specifications encompass a 125 VAC 15A rating. The accompanying LED light is equally impressive, operating at a power of 0.3 W and emitting a warm white light at 3000K color temperature.

This innovation is available exclusively in Duplex Receptacle and Decorator styles, catering to varied aesthetic preferences while maintaining its exceptional functionality. SOZULAMP is more than an outlet—it's a testament to the fusion of convenience, safety, and innovative design.