When it comes to looking your best on camera or when you're taking a selfie for social media, there are some products that can help make the whole process easier and more enjoyable. OlumiRing is one of those products. This innovative product makes it easy for you to look your best no matter where you are or what device you're using.

What We Like About OlumiRing

  • Adjustable light brightness and color
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with cameras, computers, laptops, tablets, and video equipment
  • Easy to mount on devices

What We Don't Like

  • Only available for purchase on the official website
  • Limited coverage, best for close-up shots only

The origin of OlumiRing

This video and picture enhancement tool was created during the pandemic period where a lot of companies had shut down, and they were communicating via Zoom. OlumiRing is perfect for business professionals who need to communicate via zoom meetings. 

The ring light clips onto smartphones, laptops, cameras, or PC and provides a brighter image and video experience for all participants. OlumiRing is also great for use at home or in the office. 

This Item was launched in 2020, and since this product was launched, it has sold over 10,000 units. Considering the Covid-19 situation, this is a really huge success. This Item is popular in the United States and in 75 other countries.

Key Features Of The Olumiring

The OlumiRing is the perfect accessory for your device. The built-in diffuser prevents eye strains caused by harsh light, and the rechargeable battery can last up to two hours after charging. With 40 LED bulbs, it provides an ultra-bright camera and video experience. 

Plus, the soft internal lining is durable and long-lasting. With its built-in clip design, OlumiRing can be attached firmly to any device for versatile use as a ring light. The OlumiRing is a three-in-one LED light ring that lets you manage white light with ease. 

Where Can Olumiring Be Used?

This Item can be used in various places. These places include:

Content Creation

If you are a YouTuber, blogger, or content creator of any kind, you know that great lighting is key to looking your best. The OlumiRing provides a bright and natural light for all your video and photo needs. Whether you're shooting in your home studio or on the go, this ring light will give you the perfect look every time.


If you're interviewing someone over Zoom, Skype, or in person, having good lighting is essential. The OlumiRing ensures that everyone looks their best no matter where they are. Plus, with its rechargeable battery, you can stay powered up throughout your interview.


We all love taking selfies and photos. With the OlumiRing, you can take amazing photos and selfies with ease. The ring light provides a soft, natural light that will make you look your best in any photo. Whether you're at home or out on the town, OlumiRing is the perfect accessory for all your selfie needs.

Business Meetings

Having good lighting is key to successful business meetings. With the OlumiRing, you can ensure that everyone in the meeting looks their best. Plus, with its rechargeable battery and 360-degree lighting capabilities, you can stay powered up and looking sharp throughout your entire meeting.

Lighting For A Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you know how important it is to have good lighting while trying out new looks. With the OlumiRing, you can create amazing photos and videos of yourself with just one push of a button on this easy-to-use ring light device.

Photographers And Videographers

If you're a photographer or videographer, you know that having great lighting can make all the difference in your photos. 

And if you want to take high-quality video and photos without spending thousands of dollars on equipment, OlumiRing is just what you need. With its built-in diffuser, soft internal lining and rechargeable battery, it will help prevent eye strains caused by harsh lights while creating amazing content for any occasion.

Benefits Of Using The Olumiring

This Item has a lot of benefits to it. Some benefits are:

It Is Lightweight And Durable

This Item is lightweight and durable. The ring is made of soft silicone and plastic material that won't damage your phone or camera when attached to it for lighting purposes.

The Batteries Last Long

 It can be charged using a laptop or USB charger adapter, which makes the battery life very long-lasting that is 2 hours of continuous use since they don't have to charge quickly just once in a while.

It Is Easy To Use

The OlumiRing is the first ring light that doesn't require any installation. Simply take it out of the box, charge it, and its ready to use. It only has one push-button for you to adjust your lighting settings as necessary. No more wasting time trying to figure out how this works or having difficulty with products that are very complicated to use.

You Can Adjust Light Modes

The OlumiRing has three light modes: dim, bright, and medium. To change the mode, just press the button on the ring. You can press it as many times as you want to toggle through the modes. These modes are perfect for different occasions and setups.

It Is Pocket Size And Portable

This product is a small, compact device that gives good lighting. It is handbag size and can fit in your pocket. The small size of the ring light is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to take great photos without having to carry a lot of equipment with them.

It Has 360-Degree Lighting

The OlumiRing gives you 360-degree lighting that will make your video or photo look amazing from any angle. With this ring light, you can capture all the action without having to worry about harsh shadows or lighting conditions.

Works On Multiple Devices

The OlumiRing is perfect for any device. Whether you're using a smartphone, camera, computer, laptop, or even a drone, this ring light will help you take amazing photos and videos with ease. No more harsh shadows or difficult lighting conditions – with OlumiRing, you'll always have the perfect lighting for your next shoot.

Has Internal Lining

This device has a soft silicone lining to protect your device from getting scratched. The OlumiRing is made of soft silicone material that won't damage your phone or camera when attached to it for lighting purposes.

It Has A Cable For Battery Charging

This Item has a cable that is used for battery charging. The ring light has a USB port on it, and you just have to attach the cable to any device that has a USB slot. This will help save time and make it easy for you to charge your ring light.

Made With Durable Materials

The main parts of the OlumiRing are made of plastic, but the inner part of the clip that will contact the devices is lined with silicone. The plastic on this device is strong and durable, which will prevent it from breaking or cracking easily.


This Item is not just for taking pictures or videos; you can use it as a light to read at night. The OlumiRing is perfect for any occasion and gives you the lighting that you need in order to take great photos or videos.


This product is very affordable and can be used as backup lighting. The ring light provides you with the perfect amount of brightness that will enhance your photos or videos without having to spend hundreds on additional equipment for it.

Weather Friendly

Due to the material composition of the OlumiRing this Item is weather friendly and can be used in cloudy conditions. You can capture beautiful photos even when it's raining or snowing outside without having to go through any hassle.

The Lighting Is Gentle

This Item has a low-intensity light that is perfect for taking pictures or videos without having to worry about overexposure. The OlumiRing will give you the lighting that you need in order to capture all the details of your photo or video without making it look too bright or washed out.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

This Item has 30 days money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the OlumiRing, just contact them within this time period and they will refund your purchase or send a new one free of charge.

With all these amazing benefits to it, you'd be crazy not to get yourself an OlumiRing today for its many uses in different situations since it will be helpful.

Cons of the OlumiRing

Even with all the pros to this ring light, there are a few cons. Here are the only cons of this Item:

Limited Coverage

This Item does not have a wide lighting area and is best used for close-ups. If you are looking to take photos or videos of large groups of people, the OlumiRing might not be the best option for you.

It Cannot Be Used For Large Scale Production

When compared to the traditional lighting that is used for large-scale production, this ring light cannot perform in a similar manner. If you are looking to produce something on a larger scale or with high-quality video and audio equipment, the OlumiRing might not be what you're looking for.

Difficult To Adopt If You Are New To Lighting

When you have a new device, there is usually a learning curve that you have to go through before you can start using it to its fullest potential. With the OlumiRing, this is the same case. It might take some time for you to get used to how this ring light works and the different settings that it offers.

Despite these downsides, the OlumiRing is still a great investment for anyone who wants better lighting while they take photos or videos. With its 360-degree lighting capabilities and easy portability, you won't regret purchasing.

Why Is OlumiRing The Best Option?

The OlumiRing is a lightweight, portable device that takes up very little space. It's also been proven to improve business meetings and working from home by increasing productivity while decreasing distractions like noise or electromagnetic fields (EMFs). We recommend this budget-friendly product for both personal use as well as professional endeavors because of its many benefits.

Where Can You Purchase OlumiRing?

 You can purchase the OlumiRing on their official website for just $24.99 plus shipping. This product is also available through Amazon, eBay, and Walmart online marketplace websites. With all of these options to choose from, there's no reason not to get one today.

Prices of OlumiRing

 You can purchase this Item on their official website for:

 For each order, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

How to use the OlumiRing

 The OlumiRing is a simple product that does not require much in the way of how to use it. Here are simple steps you can follow:

  •  Extract the OlumiRing from its box. The ring light will come with a power cord.
  •  Open the clip like a clothespin and clip it on your preferred device.
  •  Next to the USB charging port, press the power button.
  •  Utilize your lighting.

 One way to increase light intensities is by long-pressing on the power button and moving through each intensity in order from lowest (1) all the way up until you reach your desired setting.

How Bright Is The OlumiRing?

The brightness of this Item ranges from 100 lumens being the lowest intensity to 800 lumens being the highest intensity. You can be able to adjust between these two light intensities to meet your needs.

In conclusion, the OlumiRing has many pros to it and is a great device for anyone looking for better lighting when taking photos or videos. Some of the Pros of this Item include 360-degree lighting coverage, portable design that is lightweight and easy to travel with. This Item is also a great value for the price being only $24.99 on their official website and also available at other online marketplace websites. Despite having some cons to it, this ring light is still a great device that we recommend purchasing.